Our history

Our group in memory of our founder
Our group in memory of our founder

Founded on 13/07/1967, Frigomec S.p.A. is a leader in the manufacturing of components for machines and systems used in the refrigeration industry, for the conservation and transport of food products and for the air conditioning.

Currently present in all international markets, Frigomec manufactures its products in two factories: the historic one located in S. Pietro di Legnago (VR) and the new one located in Villa Bartolomea (VR), which is specialized in the construction of components for "natural" gases, particularly CO2 and others, with operating pressures up to 200 bar.

The constant attention to the market and to the changing customer needs led Frigomec S.p.A. to a continued growth, powered by a well-motivated entrepreneurial strength, the same one that has been able to create quality products, achieving the significant goal of products present in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

Thanks to the versatility of the productive cycle and in cooperation with our technical department it is possible to manufacture customised products that satisfy any customer specific requirements.

Production site S. Pietro di Legnago

The plant in San Pietro di Legnago (VR) is located in its industrial area, easy to reach because connected by express roads to the surrounding airports of Verona, Venice, Bologna and Milan International.

The foundation of Frigomec S.p.A. dates back to 13/07/1967. This plant has always been producing components for refrigeration systems that use "traditional" refrigerants. The volumes of the components are between 0,3 litres and 750 litres. The maximum operating pressures can reach 60 bars.

The current production comprises:

  • Liquid receivers
  • Collectors
  • Suction accumulators (with heat exchangers too)
  • Oil separators, oil level regulators, reservoirs, oil filters
  • Housings for filter driers
  • Sight glasses and electric level gauges
  • Mufflers
  • Rotalock valves and accessories

Production site Villa Bartolomea

The new production plant in Villa Bartolomea (VR) was inaugurated on 22/12/2012. This plant manufactures components for refrigeration systems that use "natural" refrigerants, such as CO2, ammonia and propane, with maximum working pressures up to 200 bar.

For the construction of these components, various materials are used including steel, stainless steel, titanium, copper and copper alloys.

Frigomec S.p.A. great awareness and commitment towards the environment and the growing demand from the market for systems that use natural gases, have stimulated our company to specialize a dedicated plant in the manufacture of components with specific features. We have thus pursued the necessary enhancement of both staff and machinery, getting particular care in the construction of the components, especially for CO2, also in function of the pressures to which it operates.

Thanks to the high-level knowledge and experience acquired, Frigomec S.p.A. manufactures pressure vessels with various solutions of internal heat exchangers, as well as special shell and tube ones, that can achieve excellent results in performances and safety.

The volumes of the components are between 0,5 litres and 4000 litres. The maximum operating pressures can reach 200 bars.

The current production comprises:

  • Liquid receivers (with various models of heat exchangers too, inside)
  • Collectors
  • Suction accumulators (with heat exchangers too)
  • Oil separators, oil reservoirs, oil filters
  • Housings for filter driers
  • Shell and tube heat exchangers
  • Coaxial heat exchangers
  • Shell and coil heat exchangers
  • Sight glasses
  • Mufflers

Environment Policy

Frigomec considers as essential any aspect of environmental protection and has programmed its expansion and technological development, since the beginning of its activity, in observance of the rules safeguarding the environment.

Furthermore Frigomec’s management believes that the respect and the safeguard of the environment constitutes not only the minimum condition for the legitimacy of its business practice, but also a valid instrument for the rationalisation of the company’s resources and a matter of social ethics. In 2006 and thanks to the joint contribution of internal and external resources, Frigomec S.p.A. obtained the certification for its Environmental Management System according to UNI EN ISO 14001. The purpose was to operate not by mere compliance to legal requirements in force for environmental protection, but also giving impetus to many initiatives aimed at continuous improvement.

By the implementation of an EMS that complies with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 14001, Frigomec S.p.A. is committed to record, make operative, maintain active and spread to all personnel its policy on environment respect. In fact, Frigomec S.p.A. deems that the environmental education and awareness of its employees is of fundamental importance in this frame, being aware that the success of the system depends on the commitment and involvement of the organisation at all levels.
The general company aims in the environmental field are:

  • Satisfy environmental expectations of the internal personnel
  • Satisfy environmental expectations required by the customers
  • Guarantee the observance of the law in force in this field
  • Motivate the suppliers to improve their environmental performances
  • Increase the competitive advantage of the company
  • Guarantee maximum transparency towards society, authorities and customers on the company commitment and initiatives in the environmental field
  • Prevent and mitigate the impact on the environment of its activities thanks to actions aimed at the reduction of waste, of resources consumption and of pollutant content in the emission
  • Prevent and manage emergencies
  • Constantly identify goals and actions for improvement through periodic management reviews

It is Frigomec’s precise desire to use the Integrated Quality-Environment System as a vehicle to perform a continuous improvement process.

This Environmental Policy is widespread at all levels in the organisation and everyone is expected to cooperate to the best of their competence to the improvement of the Environmental Management System.

We export our products all over the world

We export refrigerant products all over the world