Research & Development

For Frigomec S.p.A. R&D means: men, equipment and financial resources.

The purpose of this department is to study technological innovations to be used in the continuous improvement of the existing products, in the creation of new products and - last but not least - in the improvement of the production processes.

The key points regarding production processes are:

  • training of the personnel
  • study of new machinery and/or equipment
  • research and testing of new base and auxiliary materials for the joining systems

All in full compliance with the rules, to which Frigomec make reference in the various markets in which its customers operate.

The high level of expertise achieved by our R&D team (three people) is available every day for our customers through phone calls, emails and planned meetings.


Some examples of machinery and equipment used by our internal R&D team

A) Chiller for testing and research department.
The photo shows a special chiller, built for studying Frigomec’s products.
This refrigerating machine allows checking the operation of our components. The collected data are then processed and used for new studies and research of new products.

B) Laboratory stations for burst and pulses test.
These are independent stations with varying features, suitable for the verification of the burst pressures and, in alternative, of pulsations. They are used for periodic checks and for the study and development of new products also.

Research & Development

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We export refrigerant products all over the world